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Jawapan dan penjelasan ini baru sahaja dibuat oleh Dawud Wharnsby melalui laman web beliau.

Mengapa, sebelum ini, Dawud Wharnsby tidak pernah menafikan laporan akhbar mengenai pengislaman Michael Jackson yang melibatkan nama beliau, Yusuf Islam dan Idris Phillips.

Mengapa, sehari selepas Michael Jackson meninggal dunia di usia 50 tahun, barulah Dawud Wharnsby menjelaskan bahawa beliau tidak pernah terlibat mahu pun berbincang mengenai pegangan agama bersama MJ. (Klik di sini jika belum mengetahui mengenai perkara ini).

Di bawah ialah penjelasan Dawud Wharnsby. Penjelasan ini dibuat selepas beliau diajukan soalan mengenainya oleh seorang peminat.



Di salin dari wharnsby.com



  • Alaa Omae Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 12:58 pm dear brother
    thank u so much 4 ur clarification
    but i have one question
    this thing of declaring MJ’s Islam happened nearly a year ago
    so my question is why have u waited so long to say that
    and why, surprisingly, have Br. Yusuf also done the same and waited without even a sigle word about it since then
    And why chosing now suddenly to speak
    Waiting 4 ur answer
    and please send the same question to brother Yusuf



    July 8th, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Dear Alaa Omae,

    Thank you for your question.

    Though I cannot speak for Yusuf Islam, I personally did not release a public statement about the false November 2008 article (originally published in the Sun and subsequently appearing in numerous other major international papers) simply because tabloid papers, known for their poor journalism, cheap gossip and sensationalize of people’s lives, are of no interest to me.

    Secondly – last year’s article appeared in the news only days before Mr. Jackson was to resolve sensitive legal matters with one of his previous financial backers. Publicly refuting the article may have only drawn more attention to the rumors surrounding Mr. Jackson’s faith – at a sensitive time for him – and been a cheap way of using his name/persona as a means of drawing attention to my own work.

    Lastly – Mr. Jackson’s lawyer went on the record shortly after last year’s rumors spread and clearly stated that the initial article in the UK Sun was false. There was no need for me to say or do more. It is the responsibility of educated consumers to verify what they read – especially in poorly written tabloid papers.

    With Mr. Jackson’s passing, religious communities have now shamelessly joined the media in a circus of sensationalizing his death. Out of respect to the Jackson family, and out of a desire to mourn his loss, I published this blog which I hope “clears the air” surrounding rumors of my involvement in Mr. Jackson’s religious choices.

    My approach to faith does not include concepts of “conversion/reversion” or “propagation”, so the very idea that I would have even tried to “convert” Mr. Jackson (or anyone else for that mater) to my spiritual perspective, is silly. Nor is my faith validated by others who may adhere to scriptures, practices or traditions I may follow – regardless of who they are or how high profile they may be. Michael Jackson’s faith is quite plainly none of my business. I judge individuals by their actions and not by their places of worship.

    My meditations, prayers and thoughts of good will go out to all of humanity – regardless of culture, creed or religious practice. As I respected Michael Jackson for his artistic abilities, positive writings and charity work – naturally he and his family are in my prayers.

    – DW



    Walaupun ada juga timbul tanda tanya di hati saya mengapa Dawud Wharnsby tidak pernah menafikan laporan itu sebelum ini, saya secara peribadinya tidak pernah terlintas untuk mempersoalkan perkara tersebut.

    Pada saya ia adalah hak peribadi dan paling penting sekali, tentu ada sebab dan alasan mengapa Dawud Wharnsby bertindak mendiamkan diri untuk sekian lama. Alhamdulillah, penjelasan yang dibuat oleh Dawud Wharnsby ini berhasil menjawab segala persoalan dengan memberikan sebab-sebab dan alasan beliau.


    ~Syalina Ahmad~

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