Posted: September 27, 2008 in GENERAL, WRITINGS

We haven’t got them all in one heart
But we may lose them all in one fight
So much we’ve learned
That sometimes we think they are
too many to be concerned
How many? I don’t know
One, two, tens, hundreds?
Don’t you dare ask me!
Yes, we care… that’s what we say
And believe that a million hearts
Should be counted as one
But the one means nothing
If we keep on killing each other
The big to the small ones
And us, today’s children…
Would we ever have a place in
the neighbourhood?
That we could possibly step on only one foot?
So now let’s not cry
Stop those tears that are hurting from falling
Let us pray together
For tomorrow and forever
and for you and me
and those different hearts
That are really bound to go wrong!


Original Poem By :
Syalina Ahmad
Published in 1993


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