Posted: September 19, 2008 in GENERAL, WRITINGS

Ini untuk suka-suka sahaja… resepi ni bukan resepi Ramadhan tapi resepi cari jodoh hehhe… Pun begitu kalau nak keluar ber’dating’ tu eloklah ditemani mahram, atau kalau payah sangat, ber’dating’ di rumah sahajalah (juga wajib ditemani mahram!)… apatah lagi di bulan Ramadhan ini, amat elok ber’dating’ berbuka puasa di rumah bersama ahli keluarga. Boleh juga mengambil kesempatan mengenali diri dan keluarga masing-masing.



Ingredients :

1 toothbrush
100gm eye contact
3 cups smile
250gm sense of humour
2 tickets to a football game
1.5 spoons interest
A dictionary


Method :

1. First step, clean your teeth with the toothbrush. Floss if possible; that’d be better. You might ask why. Read Step 2.

2. Mix and stir smile (clean teeth, remember?) and eye contact together. But don’t stir too long for he might think you’re just another wacko.

3. Add just a pinch of humour. Stir gently, just to see if he can take jokes. If he does, pour all 250gm but this time, stir harder. Most boys love sporting girls who can take and tell jokes.

4. Then, pour in interest. Stir for another five minutes. When it’s done, transfer ingredients into a heart-shaped (this is important) baking tray.

5. For stronger and fragrant scent, don’t forget to add two tickets to at least one football game a week for the two of you. Boys go nuts over sports. You may opt for concert tickets, it all depends on his taste/mood.

6. Final touch : Nicely decorate the top with words and wisdom. It’ll make your conversation sweeter. And of course, you’ll need a dictionary for this, gal!

7. It’s baking time. Good luck, Luv!


Originally written by :
Syalina Ahmad
(Published in 1996 – Youth Quake, NST)


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