Posted: September 16, 2008 in GENERAL, WRITINGS

Friends are forever?
Some do believe and care
Some are too pleased not to notice it at all
Ignoring those feelings inside
And are too certain to be the one
In someone’s truly heart
Love ain’t true
No honesty, truth and loves
Some ask why, some just sit down and cry
And some just wondering if it is even worthwhile
Bargaining hearts and stick together
But not forever
Bragging, lying, faking
Could be fair… well at least for now
That someone else knew what to say or do
But if love ain’t pure
Heart cannot be cured
Everyone isn’t someone to talk to
Heart is bleeding and breaking into pieces
And there will be no defences
No regret and no past
Something that a person will remember forever and ever
Love between friends
Are always together
But not for all those stupid lies
Friends are then no longer forever
So, if love doesn’t even exist between two hearts
Let’s just call it
“Friends For Nothing”….

Original Poem By :
Syalina Ahmad
(Published in 1992)


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