Posted: September 14, 2008 in GENERAL, WRITINGS

So he came to notice my life at once
Striking every colour that came to mind
And as I was stung by his imaginary lines
My ups and downs suddenly fell apart…
Like broken wands…
Like sprinkles of foreign shadows on the shore

Now I have memorized each line
And each line scrapes my anxiety,
Like no one I know, No one I’ve seen
Far beyond this strange avenue
My beauty lands straight in his arms
And my sense struggles to get out…
Seems never too late
And I used to call this fate?

I pick the shadows up high again
So the voices haunt me one by one
But the lines have suddenly faded,
And I am all alone
Truly and deeply I am alone
So now at once, and again,
I suddenly remember,
Those were imaginary lines,


Original Poem By :
Syalina Ahmad


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